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Prof. Ren's group focuses on the utilization and development of Raman spectroscopy and electrochemistry to study the physical and chemical processes on surfaces and in biological systems. In partlcular, we are interested in using surface plasmon based methods to obtain the molecular signatures Of the above systems with improved sensitivity, including surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS), tip enhanced Raman spectroscopy (TERS) and their combination with nanoelectrochemistry. We are an truly interdisciplinary group, ranging from chemistry, physics, biology, material sciences and instrumentation are also an open group welcoming scientific collaboration in the above topics, particularly with those groups with biology and materlal science background. We have always open positions for talent and self motivated students and post doctors.


2016-11-22 Congratulations to Jin-Hui Zhong and Xi Jin for their paper “Probing the electronic and catalytic properties of a bimetallic surface with 3 nm resolution” published in Nature Nanotechnology. See also News & Views by Guillaume Goubert and Richard P. Van Duyne.

2016-09-10 Congratulations to Zhicong and Shu for their paper accepted by Anal. Chem!

2016-07-29 Welcome new group members: Ya-Jun Huang, Si-Si Wu, Tin Wei, Jiu-Zheng Ye!

2016-06-08 Congratulations to Jin-Hui Zhong and Jin-Liang Zhang on their successful defence for their degree!

2016-06-08 Congratulations to Kai-Qiang Lin on his paper accepted by ACS Photonics!

2016-04-28 Congratulations to Song-Yuan Ding on his paper published on Nat.Rev.Mater.!

2016-04-27 Toturial Lectures by Prof. Martin Moskovits About CRUEF 2016

2016-04-18 Beijing Symposium 2016 on Chemical Reactions under External Fields – Nanoplasmonics and Nanospectroscopy was held in Xiamen, April 2-5, 2016

2016-04-16 Jin-Hui Zhong, Hai-Sheng Su, Juan-Juan Sun and Prof. Ren attended the fourth international conference on frontiers of plasmonics held in Hefei from April 6-10. Jin-Hui Zhong was awarded the Best Poster Award.

2016-04-16 Welcome Rudolf Holze visited our lab and gave lectures!

2016-04-14 Congratulations to Jin-Hui Zhong and Shu Hu winning the Best Poster award in CRUEF Conference!

2016-04-12 Welcome Nobel Prize winner Dr. Eric Betzig and his wife Dr. Na Ji visited our lab and give lectures!

2016-04-06 Congratulations to Kai-Qiang Lin on his paper accepted by J. Phys. Chem. C!

2016-03-15 Congratulations to Prof. Bin Ren for joining Analytical Chemistry as an Associate Editor!

2016-03-07 Congratulations to Mao-Hua Li on his paper accepted by J. Raman Spectrosc !

2016-02-16 Congratulations to Jing-Xin Huang on his paper accepted by J. Power Sources !