Annual summary and new students

Best Poster Award, TERS7, 2019, Sheng-Chao Huang, Si-Si Wu and Hui-Shu Feng 

Best Poster Award, The 20th National Electrochemistry Meeting, 2019, Zhi-Xuan Lu

Best Poster Award, CNCLS20, 2019, Si-Si Wu and Zhi-Xuan Lu

Best Poster Award, SERS-2019, Ghana Rehman

Happy new year of 2018~

Outstanding Student Poster Award, 254th National ACS Meeting,

Sheng-Chao Huang & Hai-Sheng Su

Best Poster Award, ICES, 2017, Shu Hu

Best Poster Award, CNCLS19, 2017, Teng-Xiang Huang

Best Poster Award, ICSERS, 2017, Shu Hu

Happy new year of 2016~

Happy new year of 2015~

Climbing in “Gundan” valley 

Splendid moments of FOP3

Happy birthday to Prof.Ren!

Happy Teacher’s Day 2013~


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Go climbing in May 2013~

The party on Gulangyu in 2012~

The New year’s Day of 2011~