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Raman Instruments

Electrochemistry Instruments
Autolab PGSTAT101
Intro:This is the smallest member in the Autolab range of electrochemical instruments: the Autolab PGSTAT101. In combination with the powerful NOVA software it can be used for most of the standard electrochemical techniques. The PGSTAT101 is an affordable potentiostat/galvanostat without compromising on quality and specifications, making it an ideal instrument for students and educational purposes.
Key features:
Electrode connections: 2, 3 and 4
Potential range: +/- 10 V
Compliance voltage: +/- 10 V
Maximum current: +/- 100 mA
Current ranges: 10 mA to 10 nA
Potential accuracy: +/- 0.2 %
Potential resolution: 3 µV
Current accuracy: +/- 0.2 %
Current resolution: 0.0003 % (of current range)
Control software: NOVA
Application:It’s a useful tool for the research of fuel cell,supercapacitor,electroplate,spectroelectrochemistry,electro-deposition,electrochemistry of solids and so on.
Intro:CHI660D series are in common use electrochemistry test system.It include fast digital signal generator,high-speed data collection system,the potential current signal filter,Multilevel signal gain,IR drop compensation circuit and the potentiostat / galvanostat.It can use for the steady state current measurement of ultramicroelectrode directly。
CHI660D series integrate almost every common electrochemical measurement techniques.
Key features:
Potential range:±10V
Current ranges:±250mA
Input impedance:1~1012Ω
Input bias current:<50pA
Current resolution:<0.01pA
Potential update rate:10MHz
Fast data acquisition:16 bit@1MHz
Application:Electrochemical analysis,Electrochemical synthesis,Electrochemical corrosion measurement,Spectroelectrochemistry,Electro-deposition,Solid state electrochemistry.
Intro: The PARSTAT 2273 is the ultimate potentiostat/galvanostat/FRA, boasting superior quality and high reliability. Its exceptional impedance capability, resolution, speed, high current, and high compliance voltage continues to be the standard against which all other systems are measured.
Key features:
Potential range: ±10
Compliance voltage: ±100V
Minimum Potential Step:2.5µV
Noise and Ripple: <50µV/rms (typical)
Maximum current: ±2A
Current ranges: 2A to 40pA
Accuracy (dc):20µA to 2A: <0.4%
Current resolution: 1.2fA
input impedance:>1013 Ω
Control software: PowerSINE
Application:Electrochemical Analysis,Corrosion Measurements,electroplate,spectroelectrochemistry,electro-deposition.
TERS Instruments

The instrument is based on a Veeco nanoscope E STM with an additional home-made circuit. The optical part consists of a home-built Raman optical fiber head, an optical fiber coupled Acton spectrometer equipped with a liquid nitrogen cooled back-illuminated CCD detector. A helium-neon laser is used to provide light with a wavelength of 632.8 nm. The beam is focused by a ultralong working distance microscope objective onto the tip-to-substrate gap with an incident angle of 60° from the surface normal in the p-polarized mode. See more details in this article: DOI: 10.1038/ncomms1310

The instrument is based on the NTEGRA Spectra(NT-MDT) with three exchangeable AFM, STM ang SFM scanning heads. A radial polarizer is added to the home-built beam path to achieve a lager p polarization component in the focus. Both bottom and upright illuminations can be used, so it is very convenient to study transparent and opaque samples. The collected signal is detected by the air cooled CCD (Andor).

The instrument consists of α-SNOM(WITec), 532 nm Nd:YAG laser, spectrometer and CCD. It can be used to do confocal Raman, SNOM and AFM experiments.
Femto plasma system
switchgear cabinet: W 345 mm, H 220 mm, D 420 mm
chamber: Ø 100 mm, L 270 mm
chamber volume: approx. 2 litre
gas supply: one gas channel through needle valve
generator: 40kHz/100 W, infinitely variable
vacuum pump: Leybold, Type S1.5 (1.5m³/h)
Tray: 1 pc. tray
control: semi-automatic control, process time by timer

Mill-Q Synthesis Ultrapure Water Purification System
Flow Rate:
0.8 - 1.2 LPM with MilliPak® Express 20
Product Water Resistivity:
> 18.0 MΩ.cm @ 25 °C
Typically 18.2 MΩ.cm @ 25 °C
≤ 1/ml (Pore Size > 0.22 μm)
Heat source: < 0.001 Eu/ml
Microorganisms: ≤ 1cfu/mL
Milli-Q Advantage A10 Ultrapure Water Purification System
Applications: 1 to 250 L per day
Product Water TOC: < 5 ppb
Product Water Resistivity: 18.2 MΩ·cm (@ 25 °C)
Ultrapure Water: 18.2
Feed Water Nature:
>RO water
>Distilled water
>Deionized (DI)
>Elix water
Conductivity: 0.056 µS/cm
Product Water Volume:
> > 20 L/Day
Depth: 36 (14.2) cm (in)
Height: 49.7 (19.5) cm (in)
Microorganisms : < 1 cfu/mL
Pore Size : 0.22 µm
Flow Rate: Up to 2 L/min
Width : 33.2 (13) cm (in)