Group meeting

Data(2014)Presenter-1 topic-1Presenter-2 topic-2
1st week
Meng-Xi XuThe transforming growth factor-β family
3rd week
Shu HuThe competition between extinction and SERS enhancement in colloidal suspensions
4th week
Xu YaoHolographic Sensors : Mechanism and Applications
5th week
Sheng-Chao HuangNew progress and development in Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy in the latest year
6th week
Xiao-Shan ZhengRaman and SERS Investigation during the Process of Cell Division
7th week
Jin-Liang ZhangNanoscale Structure Control for Studying Stem Cell BehaviorsJing-Xin HuangA new summary about interfacial problem of LIB (lithium ion battery)
8th week
Zhi-Cong ZengAberration correction -- when objective work in water
11th week
Kai-Qiang LinSingle nanoparticle SERS
12th week
Jia-Hua DengGraduation thesis defensesXiao-Kun ZhangGraduation thesis defenses
13th week
Wei ShenHow can we advance SERS facilitated by nanotechnology
14th week
Jin-Hui ZhongElectrochemical assembly of molecules on metal surface
15th week
Meng ZhangPlasmonic PhotocatalysisMao-Hua LiRecent experiments towards electrochemical TERS based on AFM
16th week
Jin-Liang ZhangThe Potential Role of Raman Spectroscopy and Imaging in Cancer ScreeningXiang WangTuning optical and electronic properties of metal nanostructures to facilitate the surface reaction
17th week
Jing-Xin HuangProbing effective ways to acquiring enough Raman signal from the SEI film
18th week
Kai-Chao DengThe silver-oxygen system in catalysis:a new horizon for the Ethylene Epoxidation ReactionXu YaoSummary of Works in Holographic Lithography