2017-03-15Congratulation to group alumni Dr. Jin-Hui Zhong (PhD in 2016, now postdoc in University of Oldenburg with Prof. Christoph Lienau) on being awarded Alexander von Humboldt fellowship.
2017-03-15Congratulations to group alumni Dr. Zheng Liu ( PhD in 2010, now a professor in the Institute for Advanced Studies, Wuhan University) on being awarded "Young 1000 Talents" program.
2017-02-09Congratulations to Kai-Qiang Lin on his paper accepted by Nat. Commun. !
2016-11-22Congratulations to Jin-Hui Zhong and Xi Jin for their paper “Probing the electronic and catalytic properties of a bimetallic surface with 3 nm resolution” published in Nature Nanotechnology.
See also News & Views by Guillaume Goubert and Richard P. Van Duyne.
2016-09-10Congratulations to Zhicong and Shu for their paper accepted by Anal. Chem !
2016-07-29Welcome new group members: Ya-Jun Huang, Si-Si Wu,
Tin Wei, Jiu-Zheng Ye
2016-06-08Congratulations to Kai-Qiang Lin on his paper accepted by ACS Photonics!
2016-06-08Congratulations to Jin-Hui Zhong and Jin-Liang Zhang on their successful defence for
their degree!
2016-04-28 Congratulations to Song-Yuan Ding on his paper published on Nat.Rev.Mater.!
2016-04-27Toturial Lectures by Prof. Martin Moskovits About CRUEF 2016
2016-04-18Beijing Symposium 2016 on Chemical Reactions under External Fields – Nanoplasmonics and Nanospectroscopy was held in Xiamen, April 2-5, 2016
2016-04-14Jin-Hui Zhong, Hai-Sheng Su, Juan-Juan Sun and Prof. Ren attended the fourth international conference on frontiers of plasmonics held in Hefei from April 6-10. Jin-Hui Zhong was awarded the Best Poster Award.
2016-04-14Welcome Rudolf Holze visited our lab and gave lectures!
2016-04-14 Congratulations to Jin-Hui Zhong and Shu Hu winning the Best Poster award in CRUEF Conference!
2016-04-12Welcome Nobel Prize winner Dr. Eric Betzig and his wife Dr. Na Ji visited our lab and give lectures!
2016-04-06Congratulations to Kai-Qiang Lin on his paper accepted by J. Phys. Chem. C!
2016-03-15Congratulations to Prof. Bin Ren for joining Analytical Chemistry as an Associate Editor!
2016-03-07Congratulations to Mao-Hua Li on his paper accepted by J. Raman Spectrosc !
2016-02-16Congratulations to Jing-Xin Huang on his paper accepted by J. Power Sources!